Have you heard about Billie yet? I recently tried their razors for the first time and instantly joined everyone who is obsessed. Well they just came out with a new product launch of some insanely awesome other products and I can’t get enough of them all.

What is Billie you may be asking?

Well Billie is a female-first body brand built on providing premium-quality essentials for women. It started with a razor that changed everything: They noticed that women were overpaying for razors and decided to put body hair on the map.

Now, my obsession with Billie just grew even more because they launched their sparkling clean collection of better-beauty basics for your top shelf (and handbag and gym bag and desk drawer). Powered by ingredients that do no harm, work super hard, and take the guesswork out of clean.

Wonder Wipes:

  • The best clean wipes I have ever used. Period. Literally melt off your makeup without drying skin.
  • Do not have to rub the same spot over over
  • Smell nice!
  • They’ve got an extra-thick weave that really grips makeup
  • They’ve got hyaluronic acid in them so no tight feeling ever

Super Salve:

I adore these Billie hydrating daily lip balms! What to know about them:
● Made with only a handful of ingredients (literally, Classic has 4 ingredients)
● Uses Candellila wax instead of beeswax (so it’s vegan)
● Comes in quirky, offbeat flavors
● 3 sheer washes of buildable color plus two untinted options
● Designed to be squeaky clean because duh, it goes on your mouth!

Floof Dry Shampoo:

Think: Dry shampoo meets volumizer (in two shades!)
● Soaks up oil, gives great volume
● Is super gentle + toxic chemical free
● The base of the formula is natural rice starch

Shop all the products below!

March 17, 2020


Billie- New Product Launch!

Billie- New Product Launch!

xx Lindsey