Let me tell you about my new favorite salon in Philadelphia. So, the other week I got the chance to visit a hair studio in Philadelphia that I have been eyeing since I found their account on instagram. The Studio is called Bobby Mack’s Hair Studio and they specialize in knowing the latest trends in  all things hair with being experts at my personal favorite, hand-painted highlights which are called balayage. I was super excited that they were in such a close location on South Street and when I got an appointment with Amber ,who is a blonde expert, I knew I was going to love my hair.

First, Bobby Mack is the sweetest guy and made me feel as I had been going to the salon my whole life. He is the owner and a master stylist at the studio. He had me consult with Amber since she does wonders with blondes! I know have known but after he introduced me to Amber, I knew we were going to be friends right away. Together they did a consultation of my hair, which they do with every client, and it was like no other hair consultation I have every had.  They explained and described to me the whole process they felt would be best to get my desired hair color and style. They had recently trained with the 901 academy(who sidenote do all the amazing balayage to the stars in LA) and they were using a lot of new techniques to give me that “California blonde.” In general, I typically love having a little bit of a darker grown in root as I think it looks more natural for my eyebrows. Also, considering it is the end of November, I wanted to freshen up my blonde in a way that I could go a couple months without coloring it again. The end result was the perfect shade of blonde and boho waves to go into the holiday season with. Not to mention, a new salon to call my own in Philadelphia!

November 19, 2017


Bobby Mack & Co Hair Studio Philadelphia

Bobby Mack & Co Hair Studio Philadelphia

xx Lindsey