1. Rug: A rug is so important to me to put into a classroom environment. It is the perfect meeting spot for a class and a spot where kids can be focused while doing silent reading time. I love the colors of these rugs and their vintage bohemian look.

2. Bookshelves: My bookshelves are hurting in my classroom so I think its time for some pretty light colored shelves. These are perfect and the right price point.

White Bookshelves
Natural Bookshelf

3. Desk and Chairs: I love the clean look of a smaller white desk and chairs. This could be the perfect area to do reading or writing conferences with a student.

Small Table

4. Tee Pee- I think a tee pee in the classroom near a reading rug would be every child’s dream. Students can take turns using the spot during silent reading time which will be their special time to be in there. I also think it’s so cozy and cute!

Tee Pee
Tee Pee Option 2

5. Floor Pillows- Obviously the reading area is my favorite and it needs to be cozy. I love these square tufted floor pillows that students can lean on! It can also be a way to make more flexible seating for groups.

Floor Pillows
Floor Pillows 2

6. Macrame Wall Hangings: I use the removable clear command hooks to hang different wall pictures in my classroom. Macrame is my favorite and I love the bohemian feel. This is super cute and would be perfect to show student photos working in the class all year long!

Macrame Wall

7.Green Plants- One of the best decorative items I ever added to my classroom was my succulents. I love having green plants in my room even if they are not real! Here are some favorites!

Artificial Plant

8. Creamy colored bins: I love the color assortment of these bins..especially the creamy pink color. They could be used to organize in the classroom as a book bin or to hold materials.

Pink Bin

9. Desk Accents: Add in anything that catches your eye.

Do you plan to redecorate your classroom this year? Let me know your theme!


August 2, 2019


Boho Classroom Essentials

Boho Classroom Essentials

xx Lindsey