Decorating a classroom takes time. If you want to make it not look exactly like your typical elementary classroom, it takes even longer. Luckily, I had my bohemian mixed print classroom inspiration ready to go and knew I wanted to make my 4th grade room look peaceful and inspirational. I found a lot of great prints off of Etsy and then looked for different mixed prints to use for word walls, name tags, and library guided reading labels. I can’t wait to put these all up on Tuesday and show you the final product.

  1. Used these Tropical Labels for my classroom desk name tags. I also love the circle name tags for any reason you need to group students!

2. This Cactus Word Wall is the second print I incorporated. I plan to use this for our literacy curriculum word wall. It would also work great for guided reading bins.

3. Also love this Marble Word Wall choice for a different subject area or to use instead of the cactus! Again have fun with prints!

4. This marble watercolor banner is edible and I can’t wait to use it to say “Welcome Back!” There are different choices with pattern and color so you can really have fun throughout the year making different banners!

5. Cactus and Succulent Door Display– This is perfect to put outside your classroom for the first weeks of school. Students love seeing their name and where their new home is in the school! I love the mix of succulents!

6. Instant Download Prints– I love these! They are super cheap and there is such a good mix on Etsy! I love so many of these messages so wanted to put them around my room!

Ocean Print
Rainbow Print
Trio of prints

September 1, 2019


Boho Mixed Print Classroom

Boho Mixed Print Classroom

xx Lindsey