Skincare has recently become very important to me. When I was young, I did not really think about putting on sunscreen everyday or even reapplying. I was always outside playing sports and getting freckles was just me.While I love my freckles today, I sometimes worry that my dark spots will just get darker and blood vessels will just continue to pop up on my face. Not even to mention the wrinkles! As I get older, I keep wanting to wake up daily to refreshed and healthy looking skin. In fact, I would love to wake up one morning and not even worry about putting makeup on at all. Therefore, I was really excited to work with Dr. Subbio and the esthetician at his practice, Deonna this summer. I had never met with someone who could give me a customized skincare program and I was so excited for my consulation.

My first meeting at Dr. Subbio’s with Deonna we sat and had the best consultation. After answering a brief questionairre about my skin, Deonna and I discussed what I felt were my biggest concerns. I spoke to her about the darkening of my freckles around my eyes ( I do love the light dusting on them on my nose and on my cheeks!) and the red blood vessels that I find are popping up on my face especially my nose. I told her how my everyday skin goal is to have dewy, bright skin and that I want to focus on an anti-aging regiment now before it is too late.

After our consultation and skin analysis, Deonna basically came up with a customized skincare program for me. I began that day with products that would start brightening targeted areas on my face and an eye cream to prevent wrinkles. She even suggested a oil based cleanser for my skin to use daily which I started.

When I met up with her for our follow up appointment, she began the treatment she felt was best for my needs. This was her exact plan in order:

  1. Lactic Acid – This peel helps dissolve dead skin cells from the top layers of skin and is extra gentle for even the most sensitive skin. It also helps reduce acne breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  2. Dermaplaning- I’d heard so much about dermaplaning and how amazing it is. Everything I heard is in fact true. Basically, it feels like a small single blade lightly scraping against your face. As it scrapes, it exfoliates by taking away any peach fuzz, hair, and dead skin cells. Therefore, when all is said and done your skin is clean, exfoliated, and well glowing!
  3. Laser Facial- The laser facial was amazing. There was no pain at all, just felt like a warm heat going against my face as the machine treated fine lines, hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, skin laxity, and age spots.
  4. Vitamin C Intensive- This was a face mask that literally soaked into my skin some Vitamin C. I did not know before but Vitamin C actually helps support collagen production and protection from the sun.
  5. Deonna’s Trade Secret Potion (Her final touch which is her own secret)

Overall, I am LOVING all my results so far and will continue to keep you updated with my regiment! My makeup feels like it goes on so much smoother and I definitely feel like my skin is brighter since I first met with Deonna!  If you are on the fence,  honestly both Dr. Subbio and Deonna are so informative and truly listen to you as they help you decide what is the best focus of care for you! Also be sure to check Dr. Subbio out on instagram if you have not! He does some amazing short videos and a great sense of humor!

August 25, 2017


Customized Skincare and Dr. Subbio

Customized Skincare and Dr. Subbio

xx Lindsey