Summertime and the livin’s easy right? My new Ford EcoSport has made my life so easy to navigate this summer and I’m definitely enjoying the ride! I’m always looking for ways to simplify my summer days so that I can spend more time enjoying them!! I get a lot of questions about my lifestyle staples – so I broke down a short and sweet list of my top 5 “must haves” to ensure you are always ready to go when that spontaneous summer vacay calls your name!

What is on your must have summer list? Comment below!

1.Hats– Honestly, I have about 3 hats in my car at all times. Wide Brim Hats and other varieties are my favorite accessory for any outfit. I have them in multiple shades of tan as they go with everything and they also protect the freckles on my face. Win!

2. A Travel Steamer- Meet my best friend, my travel steamer. One thing I can’t live without is my steamer. It is so easy to keep my clothes wrinkle free, whether it is for a photo shoot or just a random outfit of the day photo! I have two favorites right now that I always talk about and one is always at home while the other in the car!

3. Ford EcoSport– I got a new ride to drive to the beach this summer and it holds all of my top summer must haves. It’s the perfect size car for not only parallel parking but can hold everything a girl could need for the perfect beach day. It also has an amazing sound system which you know I am jamming out to my favorite country songs to.

4. Portable Phone Chargers- I will be the first one to admit I am on my phone a lot. Using a lot of different apps starts to drain my I-phone battery pretty quickly so one thing I do not leave home without is a portable phone charger and cable. I often charge my phone in the car but while at events my portable charger has saved me more times than I can count!

5. White booties and sandals– There is a reason why I wear the same bootie almost in every picture. I am obsessed with them. White booties go with literally everything and if they are not on me, they are in the car just in case. My white Birkenstock’s are also on the list for similar reasons as just they are so easy to wear and comfy!

Thank you Ford for working with me on this post!

July 29, 2019


5 Summer Vacay Must Haves

5 Summer Vacay Must Haves

xx Lindsey