It’s about time I finally got down to business and shared some of my goals for the New Year! It is no surprise that Nashville is a city that I can’t get enough of and after a few recent trips I knew I wanted to share some of the best ways to meet all those New Years Goals when visiting Music City. Therefore, I met up with two of my favorite Nashville girls, blogger Greta Hollar and Jayda (photographer extrodinaire) for a fun blog post all about being goal setting girls in 2018.

Goal 1: Get your workout on.

I love classes so when Greta told me about Studio 51st Nashville I was more than pumped to check it out. It is the cutest studio to take any variety of classes such as barre, yoga, pilates, and dance cardio.  They even have a trampoline workout which is so much fun. The studio also has a little fitness boutique where they make their own tank tops (see mine below) and sell the cutest looks from Onzie and Beyond Yoga.


Goal 2: Use products that are good for you and make you feel good too

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in a product that just “does it all” and works for “all skin types.” But the problem is too often these products have a lot of additional ingredients that may not be the best for everyone. Therefore, beauty junkie, Laura Lemon founded Lemon Laine in Nashville to help curate a personalized list of beauty products for every individual. First, let me tell you her shop is the cutest place ever. We literally could not stop bouncing around to take pictures with their amazing decor as we tested some of the products she offered. I also loved the idea of the oil bar that they have which basically allows you to sit at their bar (yes it is also adorable), and sip champagne while Lemon Laine has you sample various oils to customize a formula that will suit your unique beauty goals. Hello to my best skin 2018.


Goal 3: Treat yourself (because you deserve it.)

I am a firm believer in eating healthy and working out. However, I also believe that you only live once and it is also healthy to take a little bite out of that delicious dessert or donut when you want to. So in the case of Five Daughters Bakery I had to investigate.  Everyone…yes, everyone has always talked about these donuts. So when we left Lemon Laine I knew it was time to try them. All I can say is, if you are going to splurge, this would be one instance where it is worth it. I got the donut with the bacon ( not sure of the exact name) and it was heaven on earth.


Goal 4: Eat fresh, quality foods and try new restaurants

Trying new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do and Bartaco has been one of my new favorites for upscale street food. While this is not your typical Southern restaurant, Bartaco was originally inspired by the beach culture of Brazil, Uruguay and Southern California. It has a stylish, beach resort vibe that offers the best margaritas, freshly made guac, delicious tacos, and my favorite rice bowls. Just a few I tried and recommend now: the mojo pork carnitas, pork belly tacos, crispy rock shrimp tacos, and the duck rice bowl (yes duck, trust me). You also know this restaurant’s food is that good due to the little story our waiter shared about how he started working at Bartaco. Pretty much he was going there nonstop to eat for months and to make a long story short: he just decided it only made sense to join the team. He has been there every since and he still can’t stop eating the food. Case made.

Goal 5: Shop local and dress in what makes you feel like the bad-ass woman you are

One of my favorite things about Nashville is that it has some of my favorite local boutiques ever.I literally stalk Kitty’s instagram for new items daily since my last visit out to Nashville. I wrote all about them here in my Nashville Guide. Pretty much, their slogan is “well behaved women rarely make history.” Their style is all about showing what the real Nashville woman’s style looks like and embracing a rock-in-roll, bohemian, free-spirit vibe that shows off your own personal style. Amelia Styles is another boutique owner whose shop highlights my other side: pretty, girlie vibes that could be straight off of the streets of Paris. I love the labels she carries and I definitely did not leave without realizing I needed a beret and structured pants in my life.

Goal 6: Decorate your home only with things that you absolutely love.

I love coming home to a space that truly embodies my personal style and well, me. When I first bought my home, I fell in love with the bright white walls and marble kitchen countertops, but it took me a while to fully decorate around it. I truly believe decorating isn’t a race to make your house look complete but to slowly find the pieces that instantly put a smile on your face.  I am a huge fan of colorful turkish rugs, quirky sayings, bohemian chairs, and everything that Apple & Oak is. Again, featured on my Nashville guide, their shop is a place I just want to hang out in daily. While I do not live in Nashville yet, I have a chair on reserve that will be my first purchase the minute I arrive.

So there you have it, my top 6 goals for the New Year and just some of my Nashville recommendations for you to check out when you visit.

Wait you haven’t visited Nashville yet? Well add that as goal 7. It’s pretty great.

Photos by the super talented: Jayda Iye

January 17, 2018


Goal Setting Girls: Nashville Edition

Goal Setting Girls: Nashville Edition

xx Lindsey