New Year, New Goals

Happy 2017 Friends! 2016 was a great year for me filled with moving into a new home, celebrating the 1st anniversary of my blog, exploring a new city with my husband, and lots of great memories with friends and family. Now as we start 2017, I wanted to share some reflections and goals I have set for the new year.  These are my top 4:

  1. Travel: When I first met my husband, we were long distance. I lived in the Philly area and he lived in Raleigh. One of my favorite time periods was when we traveled to different cities to meet each other.  A lot of times this was because the Patriots were playing in that city (he is a huge Pats fan) but it worked because we got to visit some of my favorite cities like Nashville and Boston. After moving to Raleigh, we continued to take trips to New Orleans (Jazz fest is where we got engaged) and then to Riviera Maya for our honeymoon. I still have dreams about Secrets Maroma Beach (yes, it was that amazing). While we have not been able to travel as much since moving back into the Philly area, I really want to always have a fun trip scheduled to a new city or location. I truly believe that experiences are the best thing in life and would love to incorporate our travels into the blog. On top of my list for the new year: Charleston, L.A., Austin, Chicago, Paris, Santorini, St. Thomas, and Tulum.
  2. Decorate: When we moved from Raleigh to the Philadelphia area, we found a newly flipped house from the 1920’s in the cutest town outside of Philly. It was perfect because we literally just had to move everything in. We didn’t have to worry about paint or anything (thank goodness!). I am in love with so many things about our house. It is such a bright, white space and the kitchen is where I spend most of my time. However,  I have trouble just throwing things on the wall or in my house that I am not totally in love with. So one of the things I really want to work on this year is getting some more pops of color through pieces that really speak to my traditional yet bohemian style. While I love a classic and neutral room, I want to continue to add personality through eclectic bright pillows or mismatched patterns. My favorite sites for inspiration include Lulu and Georgia, Glitter Guide, and Domino.. along with some favorite instagram ladies that find the best vintage finds. There is nothing better to  me than finding a piece you love at the local habitat for humanity and getting it for a steal. So the search is on this year and I hope to share along all the additions to my house!
  3. Blog: I can’t believe I started my blog a year ago and how many opportunities it has brought. I have met so many new friends and have learned so much along the way. The best part has definitely been though finding a way to do what I love which is be creative and share my life and style with ya’ll. This year I truly want to create more content every week. Teaching full time takes a lot of my time but one of the things I definitely want to conquer is working smarter, not harder. So my goal is to organize and plan ahead my posts instead of stressing out what what I want to share next. I also hope to include more collaboration’s with companies I love this year and continue to share my love of how to mix and match patterns into your daily wardrobe.
  4. Family and Friends: One of the major reasons, Jon and I moved back into the Philly area was to be around family. My parents, sister, and brother all still live in South Jersey so when the teaching opportunity came in the area we jumped on it.  Living back here has been amazing in getting to see my family so often, along with watching my nieces and nephews grow up. There is nothing like seeing your parent’s become grandparents. Or your little brother and older sister becoming parents. Being an aunt has been the best and been a good snapshot into the future if we have kids.  That being said, it also has been a little difficult at the same time because we moved from a city where we absolutely loved and left some great friends that became our family. Jon grew up in the South and Raleigh was where we started our relationship for a couple of years, so it will always be a place we constantly go back to. I am not positively sure where or when our next adventure will take us, but my goal for the year is to not overthink and just see where life takes us next. In the meantime, I want to cherish all the moments  and make memories with our family and friends as they come..no matter what the location. Simply, live in the moment.

  Thank you again for all the support and positive comments throughout this year. I love that I am able to share my style and thoughts with all of you. I am also so excited for all the possibilities ahead in the new year!





xx Lindsey

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