Last week I had the best time during a Personal Stylist appointment at the Anthropologie in Rittenhouse. With school in full swing, it was great to take some time to look at the newest arrivals with looks already picked out for me.




I found out about Anthropologie’s personal stylist service through a Teacher Appreciation event at the store.  What I did not realize was the service is completely complimentary and so easy to set up. After answering a couple questions over email about my style, the stylists at Anthro were able to select the perfect looks that I could see myself wearing to many different occasions. When I arrived they had already set up a room with all the outfits I could try. From cami’s, to Levi’s, to flowy dresses I had all the basics covered for me in the room and I did not even have to take the time to browse the store for them. Such a time saver!

My stylists also knew that I am a huge fan of midi skirts and flowy dresses in which they were almost too good at picking out for me. I wanted them all. The best part was they even picked out perfect accessories so I could get a look for all the outfits and they encouraged me to bring any items in my closet that I might want to pair new pieces with. I thought this was great because they do not expect you to buy a whole new wardrobe but rather would help fill in any holes you are looking to build more upon!

It was such a casual and comfortable setting in which at the end of the session made me feel like I made two new friends. With knowing so many working moms, friends, and fellow teachers, the personal stylist service is something that I would definitely recommend to anyone. It is such a time saver and you truly tailor your time with your stylist to fit your style and wardrobe needs. There was never any pressure to buy but as with any Anthropologie shopping trip, I formed a long list of clothes I wanted to bring home with me right away. It also does not hurt that you always get 25% off for scheduling a personal styling service!

If you are in the Rittenhouse area, go over and say hi to Maddie and Kristen! You can also schedule an appointment with them or your own local Anthro through the store. I know I will be back to see them soon!

Photography by: Maddie Flanigan

Looks Featured: Far Fields Maxi Dress // Studded Quilt Jacket // Reina Blouse // Wide Leg Crop Jeans // Levi “Wedgie” // Herbaliste Maxi Dress // Marimbula Necklace // Wide Strap Tank // Garden Grown Maxi Dress




September 14, 2016


Personal Styling with Anthropologie

Personal Styling with Anthropologie

xx Lindsey