This week I was able to attend a Philly Blogger Event hosted by LPriori Jewelry in which some of my favorite local fashion bloggers got together to discuss fashion, makeup, motherhood, and collaboration.











After our first meet-up this summer at Terrain, I was so excited to meet back up with some of my favorite local bloggers. It is such a great feeling to spend time with other ladies who support and genuinely care about each others’ passions. So when Carly mentioned that Lauren Priori wanted to host an event at her new office I could not wait.

First off, Lauren is a Philly based jewelry concierge that does custom engagement rings and works with estate jewels. Her rittenhouse office is gorgeously decorated (loved her lucite chairs) and I could not get over all of the unique rings on display. (We all were trying them on non-stop.) If I had any friends that were looking at rings I would definitely send them to her. Along with their significant others of course!

When we arrived we toasted with some rosé (of course) and snacked on some desserts that were just amazing. Clara from Clara’s Groovy Deliciousness  created these Geode Cake’s that should be in a magazine or at least on a necklace.  I mean if the look of these cakes did not sell you, then the description would. It was a vanilla bean cake with butter toffee bits with salted honey teaqilla buttercream. Ah, yes..heaven.

As we caught up, we were also treated to a beauty tutorial by @shimmerandspice. She was able to show us a step-by-step way to do a natural smoky eye that would be simple enough for us all to do on our own (this is key). It was also fun to talk about our favorite makeup brands and compare notes on our favorite beauty products. I loved the look she did and definitely want to try to recreate it.

At the end of our event, we of course got some photos on Walnut Street with my favorite photographers @thephotographycoop. They took pictures at our last event and since them I have been in love with the lighting they use in their photos. I seriously wish I could have them taking my ootd photos every day. We had some laughs as we literally took over the busy sidewalk of Walnut Streets for a few minutes (whoops) and then realized we had somehow all coordinated our outfits (florals and pastels gallore). Don’t worry, I linked where to buy our looks below!

I had such a great time getting to know all these ladies even more and can’t wait for our next event. Special thanks again to @laurenpriori, @shimmerandspice, and @Clara’sGroovydeliciousness and @thephotographycoop for everything.


October 6, 2016


Philly Blogger Event Hosted by LPriori Jewelry

Philly Blogger Event Hosted by LPriori Jewelry

xx Lindsey