Spring Ahead

As I sit here looking outside my window, all I see is snow. Now I totally get the Groundhog saw his shadow but I didn’t think that meant we would get a blizzard in March! Therefore I am in complete denial and decided to round up everything I am wearing in my current daydream.

First, this dress is perfect to me. I could see myself wearing it to my best friend’s baby shower and Easter… so two for one… I had to buy it. I am also in love with the print of this dress and I would pair it with these pretty pink heels. Then this maxi dress I would wear every single Saturday along with these lace up wedges. I can’t also tell you how much I love these tassel loafers. I seriously have a pink obsession recently. Not to  mention, this ruffle sleeve dress and gardenia floral dress. If you are looking for a white dress, this one is perfect and so girly looking. While this blue and lavender dress have the prettiest details to pair with statement earrings and heels.


xx Lindsey

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