As summer approaches, the more I start thinking about the condition of my skin. I always try to wear sunscreen daily and take care of my face, but sometimes I feel like I could be doing something more. When 3000BC MedSpa reached out a couple weeks ago for me to try some of their services, I was so excited to get to the bottom of what the condition of my skin really was. Not only had I heard amazing things about them, but they are located in Chestnut Hill which is one of the cutest neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

When I arrived, I was first given a consultation in which would educate me about exactly what condition my skin was in. I entered this room with a machine that very much reminded me of what you place your head in at the eye-doctor. This machine called the VISIA Complexion Analysis System scans the left side of your face (where the sun hits you more because of driving in the car) and analyzes for different aspects of your skin such as: texture, pores, red areas, brown spots, UV spots, and wrinkles. The machine then finally gives an overall “TruSkin Age” for your face. Basically, the “TruSkin Age” rates your overall skin condition and age, providing then a guide to select the best skin care products and treatment options for you. After seeing my results, I was relieved that my “TruSkin” age was lower than my actual age. However, my UV spots were rated with the most concern out of all. This was not a surprise since I have had freckles that constantly come out in the sun since I played sports as a little girl. I also come from a fair-skin and freckled family, so I have always known that the sun is not my friend without sunscreen!

After my consultation, I met Leigh-Ann whom was going to do my hydrofacial. I was excited for this procedure since one of the biggest things I strive for daily is to have dewy and bright skin. I also try to make sure my makeup gives this look as well. One of the first things I noticed was that Leigh-Ann had amazing skin so I knew I would be in good hands. I also soon learned that she has over 9 years of experience and knowledge in the field, so I kept picking her mind about what would be best going further to get my skin to this dewy and youthful appearance I always strive for.

During the hydrafacial, Leigh-Ann let me know how she was using a tool which ultimately sent the skin care products she was using into deeper layers of the skin. As a result, the top layer of skin looks healthier for a longer period of time. She then told me how the best products I could invest in right now would be a simple retinol and vitamin-c serum. The retinol she recommended at night (every other night for sensitive skin like mine) to repair damage from the day. The vitamin-c she said was important to act as a barrier between the sun and your skin. This serum she said to put on before anything else after washing your face in the morning. Then after the serum, I would continue to use my tinted zinc sunscreen for my face along with the CC Cream I wear daily.

After leaving my appointment, I could not have been more pleased with the results. I absolutely can not wait to go back to get the hydrofacial again. I am also excited to try other spa services that I have heard so many amazing things about. Overall, I learned that taking care of your skin doesn’t happen over night but its the little things you start to do daily that will make the biggest impacts in the long run!  If you are in the Chestnut Hill area, definitely stop by or give 3000BC MedSpa a call to get started with your consultation! Let me know how it goes! I know you will love it there!

June 6, 2017


Summer Skincare x 3000BC MedSpa

Summer Skincare x 3000BC MedSpa

xx Lindsey