Woah baby. Did anyone else walk outside the door today and say, “Hello Winter!” While I am sad to see fall go, I kind of live for layering and Trunk Club has been amazing for the transition to Winter. Things on my list: still dresses but turtlenecks, jackets, coats, sweaters, and over-the-knee boots to keep me warm as the temps go down.

So how does one transition their wardrobe into Winter? I like to think of keeping my style relatively the same but now getting to add even more patterns and textures into my looks. With Trunk Club, I knew that my stylist would be able to pick from a huge range of items to get the perfect layered look. My stylist knows I am a huge Free People fan and that I love to mix in a bohemian flair. Therefore, she paired this flowy patterned maxi dress with the warmest jacket. Since it is the same color palette, I loved how it played off of the dress. It was such a statement piece. She also sent an oversized fuzzy white sweater in my winter trunk that would also be perfect to wear over the maxi dress for a more casual look.

It is also no surprise, but over-the-knee boots are my staple piece to keep my legs and feet warm for the winter. They act like tights but with an extra layer. They also look so cute with skirts and jeans. A structured hat or winter hat is finally my last thing to layer for the perfect transitional piece into a winter look.

So why do I love Trunk Club for transitioning into Winter? Well there are so many but first, because my stylist is able to send me pieces that will work with looks I already have, not to mention new ones. She is like having a best friend to discuss a piece of clothing you have but do not know what to pair it with. The best part is your stylist always has the answers and since they learn your style so well can pick something out so quickly. Second, the wardrobe feature is amazing. With everything your stylist sends, they will put together numerous ways they can all be layered or paired together. All the pieces are truly so versatile and you’ll be able to meet your daily wardrobe needs with staying in your ballpark spending budget. Oh, and finally my stylist also always finds items that I otherwise would have missed. I love having someone else be able to pick out and send items that will keep me warm, are on-trend, and that I can layer with all winter long.

Thank you Trunk Club for partnering with me on this. I love sharing with all of you easy ways to show off your own style. They are truly a company that makes getting dressed in the morning stress free and fun. I can’t wait to hear how you like Trunk Club! Be sure to share with me the looks you get!


Photography: Angelene Nina Photography

November 28, 2018


Why you need Trunk Club for the Transition to Winter

Why you need Trunk Club for the Transition to Winter

xx Lindsey